The Angry Birds game started as a video game that eventually spilled over to smartphones and PCs. The game is immensely popular as it combines comical graphics, affordability, and extreme addiction. Its addictiveness is further fueled by the fact that people can easily access and play the Angry Birds online.

The following is a detailed description of how to play Angry Birds game. The game has angry chickens that act as explosives whose objective is to destroy egg-stealing pigs. The game is fast to learn as multicolored chickens, egg-laying or blue, are used to ambush the pigs. In the midst of all this there are structures and glasses to be smashed along the way adding to the fun. The Angry Birds game utilizes a sling to propel the chicken-bombs towards the irritant pigs.
One can play Angry Birds for as long as they like as it bears over 200 levels. The graphics and visual effects, especially with the Angry Birds online version, are so tantalizing that most players remain glued to their screens. The game also involves a bit of physics in that the chicken trajectory will always vary depending on the player’s pull of the sling. These trajectories will keep changing therefore producing different outcomes with every slingshot meaning the player has to attempt as many times and as accurately as possible to blow up the targeted pigs with a limited number of chickens.
Besides the increasing popularity, the Angry Birds game can rightfully boast of a chicken armory, pig villains, a launching sling, application of physics and multilevel playing options. All these elements are rolled into one fun package that is worth a try as there are assurances of no disappointment. The next time you see your highscore on the Angry Birds online leaderboard, do not say I did not warn you of the addiction.